The Emperor Does Not Fight Without An Appointment (OST)

by Vertical Drapes

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The Emperor Does Not Fight Without An Appointment (OST) is a continuous soundtrack to a non-existent Chinese cyberpunk film set in the year 2112, exploring the autumn years of human civilisation due to the the evolution of true artificial intelligence.

Wei Lai Li Shi (translated to 20th Century English from Xin Mandarin)
It is the year two thousand, one hundred and twelve and all is not well with human kind.
Since the mid twentieth century, the Anglo-Euro Financial Industrial Military Complex engaged in strategic and subversive investment in Chinese business and government, enabling China to become the dominant super power by 2040.
In 2083, China established the Democratic United Peoples of Earth (D.U.P.E), a totalitarian bureaucratic police state that governed the entire planet from its central capital New Beijing. Resistance, although occasionally and unsuccessfully expressed through uprisings and rebellions, was utterly useless.
In 2099, to cope with the pressures of planetary rule, D.U.P.E. created Project A.I. Ching. In secret, they established a consortium of 64 experimental artificial intelligence machines in an abandoned Martian research station. Soon thereafter, D.U.P.E. had come to rely on the A.I. Ching to make every decision for them. With this series of actions, the value of human life had become irrelevant.
Access to the HoloNet, which had become the singular repository of all knowledge and culture, was completely restricted. Formalised education only existed for those born into the bureaucrat class, or to the richest 0.01%. Almost all of the Earth’s population resided in sprawling megacities, some spanning whole continents.
Global warming, super-overpopulation and gigantic advancements in robotics and cybernetics created mass unemployment and fierce competition to obtain even the most basic of life sustaining necessities: food, water and shelter. In order to survive, most were forced into a life of crime, shoddy body augmentation, Stimdrugs and the shadowy world of the Dark HoloNet.
And this is where we find ourselves in 2112.


released July 1, 2017

All tracks copyright Vertical Drapes 2017. All tracks performed, written, recorded and produced by Nicholas Hall and Andrew Hutchings. Mastering by Nick Hall. Album art and Logo design by Andrew Hutchings. Additional synths, vocals and engineering by Joshua Loper, who we would also like to thank for his masterful improv skills. Shout outs to Rach, Izzy, Holly, Ma Belle, Cache, Calum McP and all of our families and friends for their ongoing love and support. Big ups to Graybo and Scotty N for their undying tech wizardry.



all rights reserved


Vertical Drapes Brisbane, Australia

Two hackers named Andy and Nick (along with their sentient rat Josh), jacked into their cyberdecks, seeking to save us all from The Amber AI.
Rat Josh, typing with his paws, accidentally renamed the Anti-Amber.exe file to Anti-Amber.mp3. It sounded dope and the Vertical Drapes band was formed.
Every time you listen to a Vertical Drapes track remember it’s source. We cannot afford another Amber.
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